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Steve - 2012 Audi A4

great car great price Big joe's are the best 

Fisher - 2019 Nissan Altima

Came all the way from Lancaster to purchase this gorgeous vehicle and the process is very easy and simple don't have to spend hours and hours good deal on good cars 

fairy being very helpful very professional and help you through everything 

Thomas - 2012 Ford Explorer

wow wow wow just 2 words they are amazing they know what they doing shout out to team Big Joe 

Mindi - 2013 Kia Soul

Get my car from Big joe's Fairy and Sherry very helpful and guide me through  the whole process 

Yuriy - 2014 Ford F-150

Happy to serve you 

Angela - 2018 Ford Edge

Big Joe's was the best experience I've had in a long time they were friendly, informative and persistent the entire time if you're looking for someone to be as honest and helpful as possible you wanna buy Art Big Joe's.

Stephany - 2013 Ford F-150

BigJoes had great customer service. Sherry and Farry were very helpful in answering all of the questions and concerns that I had. The process of getting my truck was nice and easy. I bought my first truck ????, a 2013 Ford f-150 and I love it . The guy who works there knew mostly everything about every vehicle on the lot. He is a true gearhead, mainly for trucks though. If anyone is searching for trucks I would suggest them to go to Big Joe's Auto Sales because most of the vehicles there are trucks.

James - 2016 Chevy Cruze

They are the Michael jorden of buying cars will be back again. When me and my wife decided to get another car

Amin - 2018 Nissan Rougue

I had an excellent experience buying my car at Big Joe's. I found the car listed on and, and it was the best priced car of that type in the area, so I went to check it out. Sherry and Fairry were great with answering all my annoying questions with patience and guiding me through the car buying process. I highly recommend big Joe's.

Felisha - 2016 Chevy Cruze

First let me say this place is amazing the worker are sooooo sweet and kind they Mrs sherry. Really worked with me and my husband to get our car if u guys come. Here please ask me sherry so knows what’s she’s doing and works with u. If I could give 10 stars I would

Ibrahim - 2011 Buick Regal

The best sales experience I'd say I've ever had.
They were so cooperative and made sure all my questions are answered, took care of everything.
It didn't feel like a business transaction, more like a friend recommending you with good options.
Would recommend my friends.

Ronald - 2014 Ford F-150

5 stars; especially for Customer service. Prices are great, but the people are even better. The physical environment isn’t the shiniest, but the vehicles are priced to sell! Recommend you check them out if you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, but they move fast, so don’t wait!!

don - 2018 Dodge Journey GT

Great car, Great service!
Looked as good as new when I went back to pick it up.
Sherry did an outstanding job.

Timi - 2018 Hyundai Santafe

what a great experience purchasing the vehicle all the way from Taxes they help me to make that decisions walk over with me on the face time so make sure i'm aware what i'm buying  .

they are 100% honest with everything from day 1 to till i got it 

ceaser - 2019 Nissan Frontier

fairy was grat person to help me out with all the questions i ask don't feel like push or force to sell me i recommend everyone who's looking to get great deal on cars truck or suv i'm supper happy the price i get much respect @Big Joes Auto Sales

Danielle - 2012 GMC Terrain

Bought the great car in great prices the girls are there make things happen with no so good credit but great vehicle .

hernandez luis - 2013 GMC Savana

I have bought at 2013 GMC Savana form here sherry is Definitely awesome and fast she is the person to go to she’s very friendly and honest definitely a five-star for me

Miguel - 2014 Ford F-150

Great services and a good experience thank you guys for my truck and making me happy

darami - 2012 ford E-300

Best place to buy the car sherry and fairy are fantastic girls to put me in my favorite working van and they really help you with your credit and make easy way for your big love for them

Chryal - 2014 Chevy Equinox

So friendly and really know what they're doing! I appreciate that they worked with us and do honest business.

David - 2012 ford f-150

What a great place to buy a car. The employees are great. Such a good experience

Kathy - 2016 hyundai sonata

What began as a very stressful car buying situation was tremendously resolved by the staff at Big Joe's Auto Sales. Sherry and Farry were awesome at finding me a reliable car at a great price. I'm very grateful for their constant communication and education on car buying. I reccomend anyone interested in purchasing a car to stop by and get one from Big Joe's. Thanks again guys for your awesome customer service

Daniel - 2016 hyundai sonata

I would recommend Big Joe’s Auto to anyone looking to buy a car. Their patience and kindness was out of this world. They made sure to take care of all of our needs and walked us through the process with ease. Farry, Sherry and Amar provided professional and personal assistance allowing us to make the best decision that worked best for us. I’m thankful for this experience knowing this was the first time buying a car. If you are looking to buy please go to Big Joe’s Auto Sales.

BEATRICE A BROCKINGTON - 2015 ford explorer

I just a 2015 FORD EXPLORER from big Joe's, I love it. The customer service there is great to. If you want to buy a truck are a car I advise you to go there. Thank you so much??????

isbella - 2013 kia optima

I am a very very very happy customer. Friendly and professional staff, very fast pace work and just all together the best experience I’ve had I 150% recommend Big Joes Auto to everyone!!!! I couldn’t explain how happy I am I’m in tears with happiness because they made my dreams come true!

ibrahim azhar - 2011 Buick Regal

The best sales experience I'd say I've ever had. They were so cooperative and made sure all my questions are answered, took care of everything. It didn't feel like a business transaction, more like a friend recommending you with good options. Would recommend my friends.

Joan - 2017 KIa Sportage

The girls were awesome they did everything in their power to get her into the car she wanted. Thanks for everything you guys did. We definitely recommend this place.

Ajay - 2018 Toyota Corolla

Awesome place to buy a car. Great people. Everyone was really polite and great customer service. I bought a awesome car. Definitely I will recommend to others.

Yvette Yound - 2012 Yukon Denali

I would like to thank Mike an his staff for helping me find my 2012 Yukon Denali I love my truck mike an the ladies at Big Joe's worked miracles for me to be able to have my vehicle An with all that work an dedication I would like to say thank U I would definitely do business with them again an promote anyone to do business with them an the atmosphere was great also made me an my family feel very comfortable for the time I was there. Thank You Mike an Girls.

Thersea - Hesko Nissan Rogue

We were fortunate enough to stumble on a 2018 Nissan Rogue on the internet, which led us to Big Joe's. It was substantially lower in cost than the dealerships.
 Mike, Farry & Sherry were excellent on every step of the process. No Pressure, No Hype, No Big Sales Pitch, Etc. Mike showed us how all the gizmo's & gadgets worked, 
He even programmed our cell phones into the Bluetooth. There was 1 minor issue with the car which was taken care of immediately.Sherry & Farry handled all the paperwork timely & accurately. You just don't get this kind of service anywhere, especially the dealerships. We're giving them all Gold Stars.

sean bell - 2008 sceion TC

Fairy, was very helpful and good at what she does. She is very professional and a good saleswoman. I sincerely appreciated her help with helping my son get his first car and her guidance with everything was superb. She gets all heavenly stars.

James Spence - 2011 Nissan MAxima

Great place. Great car that I purchased. What more can you ask for?

Bob wilson - 2011 Ford Ranger

I have been in the Automotive business for over forty years. The sales staff is first rate.
Informative,polite and professional.
I came to look at a Ranger pick up. They showed me the unit. ( did not try oversell or up sell me another unit )
I purchased the unit I came for.
Michael and Farry. were fantastic to work with.
I'll certainly refer them to everyone.
Bob Wilson

Ebram Sharobeem - 2014 Honda Civic

Outstanding services, recommend to all. Family owned, professional people who actually care and try to keeps their customers.  Your not just a number.  I have been purchasing new vehicles for 20 years because I believed you buy used, your buying someone else's problems. But I can honestly say that Big Joes auto has given me faith  in honest people again.  Large selection of vehicles ro choose from. When my son turns 18 will be be back for another vehicle. Thank you for your services, Sherry,Dennis, & Big Joe

felicia - Evans Nissan Altima

My name is Felicia,
I was down on my luck my car would not start, I was calling Uber to work every day, spending so much money to get my car fixed and towed very stressful nothing worked. So I Google shops in my area and Joe's Auto Sales was one of the first shop that popped up , so I did my research saw they had amazing reviews, I reach out to them spoke with Eric and he help me get my information to the right person very friendly person. long story short the financial adviser reach out to me told me it was not easy but she managed to get me a great deal. Sherry and her sister was so nice and I felt genuinely that they cared about my situation.
The car’s they got are amazing and low mileage and in good condition. If I had to do it all over again I will go to Joe’s Auto sales
Two Boss Women that know how to do business. Authenticity + Honest.
That’s my family for life. Thank you guys, you don’t know how great I felt pulling off your Lot. ??

Cynthia - Write Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sherri and Eric's customer service was excellent! Love my Jeep Grand Cherokee! Don't go anywhere else before you stop by their lot! They have excellent prices! You will be amazed!

Daniel - Trejo Chevrolet Suburbun

I have purchased many vehicles in my life and for a guy with not so perfect credit most dealerships treat you poorly or try to put you in something you don't want. The best experience I have ever had was at Big Joe's. I can't thank you all enough for going above and beyond every step of the way. From the time I contacted you till the day we closed the deal. I felt like I got 1st class service all the way. You addressed any and all questions I had and helped me get the vehicle I wanted. absolutely love the vehicle I purchased , great price and was able to pick which type of warranty I wanted. Sherry thank you!
D trejo

Tracey Reed - 2016 Honda Civic

Excellent service, very friendly staff members, got a great car with not so great credit.

Kayla Eckrote - 2011 Buick Enclave

Great customer service from the girls Sherry and Fairy. My husband and children drove 3 hours to come here and the experience was great. I can't speak 100% on the car yet but it made it home 3 hours in distance. So far so good. They worked with us and didn't rush us out the door. Stayed past closing to make sure we were comfortable with the purchase. Thank you

Cara Rakow - 2017 Honda Pilot

Answered all my questions, easy to work with, great price for a 2017 Honda Pilot! Thanks

Jay McMullen - 2017 Ford Escape


Anne Caruso - 2014 BMW 3 Series Xdrive

Excellent customer service @ Big Joe's Auto Sales! Fairy was so easy to work with and made the process super easy. Would recommend others from NJ to come here for their next car!! No hassle, no stress, no pressure.

CR Gallen - 2018 Nissan Versa

Big Joe's Auto were great to work with and I walked out with a 2018 at a great price! Thanks!

Christian Bautista - 2007 Ford F-150

Big Joe's put me in a my next vehicle, For that I'm grateful! First time buyer no credit but they take care of everything. The service was expedient. Each member of the team catered to you with a smile and they even assisted me with the minor details! For that I more than appreciate Big Joe's I'm Blessed by their care for my needs. I recommend Big Joe's highly to all friends and family.

Latarsha Bradley - 2011 Chevy Cruze

From the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in the right place. They took their time helping me but also realized the importance of my time. The staff at Big Joe's works together tremendously and are extremely kind and generous. After all the bad experiences I had at other dealerships, after visiting Big Joe's they were able to get me into and drive off in my next car. They are truly amazing!

Ellis Brittingham - 2017 Nissan Altima

It's True everyone is approved at Big Joe's 

David Lee - 2011 Chevrolet Impala

Big Joe's Auto Sales is great place and great staff. They help you in any kind of credit situation. 

Lashae Lewis - 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Very professional, and knowledgeable concerning the process of purchasing a vehicle. I appreciate the service I was provided, I'm truly satisfied.

April Newton - 2016 Hyundai Elantra

Big Joes is the place to go if you need a car! They worked with me to get the best financing and an affordable payment. I had shopped at many other places, but Big Joes really cared to make sure everything fit my budget.

Bobbi Myers - 2010 Ford Taurus

I would recommend Big Joe's to anybody! They will work with you no matter how your credit is. I felt comfortable with my decision I didn't leave Big Joe's with any regrets. They definitely get 5 stars in my book!

Julia poragio - 2000 Honda Accord

My experience with big Joe's auto sale was absolutely amazing I went to many different car dealerships and was either too much money for a put down deposit or I didn't qualify for the Vehicle I wanted but then I stumbled upon BIG JOES AUTO SALES they took great care of me right away and I left with the Vehicle of my choice for a reasonable price of a down payment ... If you are looking for a nice Vehicle please go to BIG JOES AUTO SALE !!!!

Tawanda Ming - 2016 Hyundai Sonata

Had a great experience if you are looking for a car and get turned down you can get approved here .great people very helpful. Nice update vehicles. Thank god for sending me here and thank you guys for the help

Big Joes Auto Sales - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At Big Joes Auto Sales we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

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